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A-Z Code Flags (Wide Martingale)

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Every single part of this item is made in the U.S.A.
SAFETY . . . United States Coast Guard approved for high weight hold, with the strongest break-strength quick-release buckle in the industry. High tensile strength nylon webbing. Steel snap hooks with brass and nickel finishes provide extra durability. Cast (not welded) solid brass hardware, engineered for maximum safety and comfort.
QUALITY . . . Machine-washable, stain and fray resistant, designed to last. Manufactured in New England by select family-owned companies committed to comfort and quality.
COMFORT . . . Carefully proportioned, compatibly-sized buckles and hardware won't weigh the wearer down.
BEAUTY . . . An astonishing selection of beautiful and fun ribbons designed and made in New England.
Martingale collars provide a gentle form of control over your dog and are designed especially for dogs who can pull or slip easily OUT of their collars.  Martingales work as a humane choke collar by creating even tension around the neck of those dogs whose heads are narrower than their necks--for example the greyhound or dachsund--and help avoid neck and throat injuries. 

Please be sure never to leave the martingale collar on an unsupervised dog.  Reserve it for use when walking on a leash.