Kristy's Organic Martha's Vineyard Homegrown Catnip Rat

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Kristy's Prize Winning Organic Catnip Rat!

Winner of First Prize at the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair, this rat is a huge favorite of cats everywhere.  Grown from ancient plants at the Kingsbury Farm, this organic catnip is strong and pungent and cats absolutely love it.  Recommended by veterinarians and cat owners all over the place, our catnip is organic, home-grown, Martha's Vineyard fresh, award-winning, and impossible to resist!

  • Organic, Vineyard Grown Hepeta Cataria. 
  • Happy Remedy for boredom and indolence. 
  • Morale booster and health tonic. 
  • Handmade with terry cloth or cotton fabrics. 
  • Suggestions for use and care inside. 
  • Safe, natural, responsible.