Good for dogs.
Good for the planet.

Good Dog Goods of Martha’s Vineyard offers the most pet-friendly, owner-friendly, and earth-friendly products. As safe for your family as they are for your family pet!

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For over twenty years, Good Dog Goods has rigorously sourced the healthiest and safest products for your four-legged family member, to help them live their longest and happiest lives. We procure all of our products from local farms and family-owned businesses right here in the USA.

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All Natural Ingredients

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Locally Sourced

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Made in USA

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USDA Certified Organic

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We’re a family-owned business, founded on Martha’s Vineyard.

We deliver on the values of our unspoiled home in the sea.

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“This is the best beef chew stick, lasts, USA ingredients, none marking (even on a white sofa!), no smell. We’ve tried a lot and this one beats everything else”



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Beef Sticks
Dog Treats

“Abby absolutely LOVES her chicken strips aka "potato chips""

-Erin & Abby


Organic Treats

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Dog/Cat Treats

“I love these for my two dogs, and my dogs love them also. I used to live where I could buy them, and now have them shipped to me. They are made with great ingredients, which makes me feel good about what my pups are snacking on."



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Great Pumpkin
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Discover our collar and leash collection

Our USA-made collars and leashes are built for lasting durability.

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