Beef Chew Stick - 6 inch


Every dog is born to chew -- it's not just recreational; it's therapeutic! To keep your furry friend from nibbling on family members or household items, provide them with something special to chew on. 



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Our Beef Chew Sticks are made from USDA-inspected, certified human-grade ingredients sourced from cattle humanely raised in the USA or New Zealand. Rest assured, your furry companion is getting the best. 

 Our chew sticks are fully digestible and safe. 

 Our chew sticks are not pre-treated--they have no preservatives or additives or chemicals of any kind.  They are not imported from India, Mexico, Thailand, China.  Ever.

 Air-dried at very high temperatures, the chews are non-staining and odorless.

 They don't require special handling. They are best stored in a cool, dry spot, wrapped in paper not plastic. They can be frozen for longer storage.

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    All ingredients are grown, baked, and packaged in the USA  

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Beef Chew Stick - 6 inch


Beef Chew Stick - 6 inch

All Natural & Organic Ingredients

“My pups LOVE them! So happy the ingredients are clean and organic.”

— Melissa L.