Danish Blue Plates

The world-famous Danish Blue Plates have gone to the dogs . . . nearly all the dog breeds in the world! 

Every plate is a work of art, a meaningful representation of dogs in their natural settings.  The head studies are breathtaking in their detail, with great attention paid to the dog's expression--the eyes, the mouth, the tilt of a head--these drawings are spectacular portraits.

Every one of them is an exact reproduction of an original painting.

Most of the originals were painted by Natalia Brampton, widely regarded as the top canine artist in England today, a country which has produced some of the world's most important canine art in the last two hundred years.    

The original paintings were approved by international dog show judges. All are registered for international copyright protection. The name of the breed and the signature of the artist appear on the back of each plate.

Produced in a family-owned factory in Denmark, every plate is made by hand, with the paintings fired into the porcelain in the exquisite Danish Blue underglaze.

If you are selecting one as a gift and would like us to gift wrap it, there is no additional charge.

Woof! Shipments from Denmark have been very slow lately. We will let you know when your plates will ship when you place an order.