Decorative Pottery

Beloved animals are celebrated in a most delightful way through this functional and collectible menagerie of tableware.

Sophisticated and sure to please, these distinctively designed dishes are conversation pieces and meant to be used and enjoyed, as they are beautifully crafted, dishwasher safe, and substantial.

Every piece in this collection is designed, hand-thrown, and hand-painted in the artist's studio in the United States.  Glazes are lead-free.
Some pieces are made for the dog and cat.  Two bowls are designed especially for cats and toy dogs.   There are bowls for use by dogs of various sizes.  They can't be tipped without some effort and they definitely can't be carried around by the dog!

On items for the dogs, we paint the image inside the bowl as well as on the outside, so it looks as beautiful on the floor as it does on the counter. 

Poodles or Pomeranians?  A Pug or a Pig?  . . . or a custom image of your own animal companion-or a friend's?!